E 4 Elda -Venta Gaeta

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    E4, Spanien | Bewertung 9

    PositivThe different nature and many really nice sceneries. It is also great to meet the very friendly Spanish people

    NegativTo hike along roads with heavy traffic

  • Wann April 2011


E 4 from Elda to Venta Gaeta

Three Norwegians started from Elda a misty morning and hihed the first day to Castalla. Next day from Castalla to Alcoy offered a nice experience with many nice views and exiting trail passages.

The third day we took a rest day due to bad weather and fog in the mountains. Had an excellent hike from Alcoy through Barranc del Zinc and up to Montcabrer with a wide view. Got a hard thunder and hail/rain before entering Bocairente.

The fifth day from Bocairente the trails impressed us the first part of the day. After visiting the castle of Vallada the trail was rather bad down to Vallada.

The trail through Barranco Boquella the sixth day was impressing. After Tintoreto the trail was sometimes difficult to follow due to overgrown vegetation. Also disapointing there is no longer accomodation in Casa Benali, so we had to get a taxi that could drive us to Enguera.

Next day we had to take a taxi back to Casa Benali and continue our hike. It was a rather misty day, and up to Collado Caroche we couldn´t see anything due to dens fog. After several kms we were offered transport from three friendly men to Ayora. Thank you, you helped us a lot.

We started the eight day with a taxi from Ayora to Bayart. Still dense fog up here. Continued down to Embalse de Cortes de Pallas, and got a longlasting thunder and rain/hail along the lake. But still it was impressive to walk here. Very wet we arrived Cortes de Pallas 

The last day was also a very nice day, and a fantastic scenery around Embalse de Cortes de Pallas. Arrived Venta 15 h and got a nice meal before a friendly young man drove us to Valencia.

In april 2012 we continue our hike along E 4 and will then start in Venta Gaeta.