Annapurna circuit

I hiked for 4 weeks with my teenaged daughter along the classic 'Annapurna Circuit' trek. It was one of the best hikes in the world between huge Himalyan mountains and past charming medieval stone villages. Sadly, a road had been completed along western part of route as far as Muktinath, and was being constructed along eastern part of route (may be completed by now - 2013). This had drastically changed the character of the hiking , since locals no longer walked the route and we were being occasionally passed by jeeps and buses. Now it would be better to travel up the route by bus and do day hikes away from the main valley, or try to find trails along the opposite side of the valley from the road.

Daten Wanderung

  • Wo
    Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
  • Wann Februar 2009 bis März 2009
  • Tage gelaufen 28 days
  • Strecke From Bhulbhule via Gandrung to Naya Pul.