Metropolitan Nature Trail


  1. Name Metropolitan Nature Trail
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 1,655 km, 1,028 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 83 Tage
  4. Traildino Schwierigkeit EW, Leichte Wanderung, Naturwanderweg

Metropolitan Area Nature Trail, Nikko

1.655 km, 144 sections


Prefectures of Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Tōkyō and Kanagawa

The Metropolitan Area includes larger Tokyo. The region lies east of the Japanese Alps. The area is flat, with mountains only along the border with Chubu region and Tohoku region.

The trail, consequently, runs over flat and cultivated lands. Its interest lies in the historical backgrounds and monuments.

Select some tracks
Kantou Fureai no Michi
KFT - Kanagawa
.KFT - K2 - Aburatubo irie no michi, 3.4km
.KFT - K5 - Inamuragasaki iso zutai no michi, 6.3km
.KFT - K6 - Syounankaigan sunahama no michi, 9.9km
.関東ふれあいの道 - 連絡区間, 0.9km
.KFT - K7 - Ooiso Komayama no michi, 7.5km
.KFT - K8 - Takatoriyama sato no michi, 9.1km
.KFT - K9 - Kouboudaishi to sakura no michi, 9.4km
.KFT - K10 - Ootadoukan Hinatayakushi no michi, 8.7km
.KFT - K11 - Jyunreitouge no michi, 8.6km
.KFT - K13 - Yamazato kara Tukuiko heno michi, 9.5km
.KFT - K15 - Kouboudaishi to Tanzawa he no michi, 9km
.関東ふれあいの道 - 連絡区間, 1.3km
.KFT - K16 - Ooyamamairi Youmou no michi, 9.8km
KFT - Tokyo
.KFT - TK1 - Mizuumi no michi, 15km
.KFT - TK2 - Tori no michi, 18km
.KFT - TK6 - Sugi no kokage no michi, 11km
.KFT - TK7 - Yamakusa no michi, 12km
KFT - Saitama
.KFT - S1 - Suigen no michi, 8.2km
.KFT - S2 - Okumusashi no kosatsu wo tazuneru michi, 8.9km
.KFT - S3 - Izugadake wo koeru michi, 13km
.KFT - S8 - Chichibu bonchi wo nagameru michi, 4.2km
.KFT - S11 - Yoshitune densetu to taki no aru michi, 7.2km
.KFT - S12 - Greenline ni sotta michi, 28km
KFT - Gunma
.KFT - G1 - Sanbasekikyo no michi, 5km
.KFT - G6 - Shiroginu kannon meguri no michi, 18km
.KFT - G7 - Rekishi wo tazuneru michi, 13km
.KFT - G8 - Kyuu shinsyuu kaidou no michi, 8.9km
.KFT - G9 - Oogeta yama tozan course, 9.7km
.KFT - G11 - Kyudou uramyougi no mich, 8km
.KFT - G13 - Sansai no michi, 6.7km
.KFT - G17 - Shibukawa no michi, 8km
.KFT - G19 - Komochiyama wakoudo no michi, 10km
.KFT - G21 - Karamatu to kumazasa no michi, 11km
.KFT - G22 - Tutuji no michi, 11km
.KFT - G23 - Yamazato no ideyu no michi, 2.2km
.KFT - G24 - Akagi nannmenn youkou no michi, 8.8km
.KFT - G26 - Zouki no yamaji, 6.5km
.KFT - G30 - Nesyaka no michi, 16km
.KFT - G31 - Kusakiko wo tazuneru michi, 9.8km
.KFT - G34 - Sakurayama no michi, 7.7km
.KFT - G35 - Kurobisan kara hanamigahara he no michi, 5.9km
.KFT - Connection route, 2.5km
.KFT - Connection route, 2.4km
.KFT - Connection route, 1.5km
.KFT - Connection route, 3.4km
.KFT - Connection route, 2.1km
.KFT - Connection route, 12km
KFT - Tochigi
.KFT - T1 - Akagane no michi, 13km
.KFT - T2 - Syugen gyoujya no michi, 12km
.KFT - T3 - Kougen to bokujyou no michi, 8.2km
.KFT - T6 - Yamanami no michi, 8.4km
.KFT - T7 - Rekishi no machi wo nozomu michi, 7.8km
.KFT - T8 - Mansaku no Hanasaku michi, 14km
.KFT - Connection route, 4.4km
.KFT - T9 - Matsukaze no michi, 7km
.KFT - T10 - Kakashi no sato budou no michi, 9.9km
.KFT - T11 - Sakura saku panorama no michi, 12km
.KFT - (T12) - Connection route, 3.1km
.KFT - T13 - Mugibue no michi, 6.5km
.KFT - T16 - Asi soyogu misube no michi, 25km
.関東ふれあいの道 - 栃木17 - 名刹と旧跡をたずねるみち, 21km
.KFT - T18 - Kumonagareru ouka no michi, 14km
.KFT - T19 - Yakimono to shii no ki no michi, 12km
.KFT - T20 - Kaze kaoru yamazato no michi, 13km
.KFT - T22 - Ayu odoru seiryuu no michi, 8km
.KFT - T23 - Yashio saku Koushin no michi, 6.7km
.KFT - T25 - Ryousen wo tadoru michi, 15km
.KFT - T28- Yamaagesai no sato wo meguru michi, 8.4km
.KFT - T29- Nakagawa no tutumi wo aruku michi, 10km
.KFT - T31-1- Onsen to ehon no oka wo tazuneru michi, 7.1km
.KFT - T31-2- Nasu fuudoki no oka wo meguru michi, 13km
.KFT - T33-2 - Takadachi jyoushi no michi, 11km
KFT - Ibaragi
.KFT - I2 - Suginamiki no utukusii michi, 13km
.KFT - I3 - Dennsetu no yama to souhei yukari no michi, 6.8km
.KFT - Connection route, 3.9km
.KFT - Connection route, 4.5km
.KFT - I5 - Shizenrin wo aruku michi, 11km
.KFT - Connection route, 1.5km
.KFT - I11 - Tukuba santyou meguri kara kyuu sandou he no michi, 17km
.KFT - I12 - Kajyuen no michi, 9.5km
.KFT - Connection route, 15km
.KFT - I13 - Kajyu no michi, 7.6km
.KFT - Connection route, 1.2km
.KFT - I14 - Jisha meguri to dennenn fuukei no michi, 15km
.KFT - Connection route, 3.7km
.KFT - I15 - Gakuen toshi no michi, 20km
.KFT - I16 - Yokaren yukari no michi, 11km
KFT - Chiba
.KFT - C1 - Bandou tarou no michi, 12km
.KFT - C3 - Kofun wo tazuneru michi, 15km
.KFT - C5 - Haniwa to asobu michi, 8.1km
.KFT - C6 - Sanbu sugi no michi, 8.9km
.KFT - C8 - Sakura wo mederu michi, 15km
.KFT - C10 - Yamazato michi, 13km
.KFT - C12 - Kannon sama no michi, 11km
.KFT - C13 - Senjyuumin no aruita michi, 9.2km
.KFT - C14 -Oounabara wo nozomeru michi, 11km
.KFT - C16 - Kurosiono siosai wo kiku michi, 8km
.KFT - C17 - Onjyuku kaigan wo aruku michi, 9.9km
.KFT - C18 - Araiso no michi, 8.3km
.KFT - C24 - Nihonzaru to deau michi, 9.7km
.KFT - C28 - Numa meguri no michi, 8.5km


Metropolitan Nature Trail


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