GR126 - Brussel-Namen-Membre sur Samois


  1. Name GR126 - Brussel-Namen-Membre sur Samois (GR126)
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 224 km, 139 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 11 Tage
  4. Anfang von Wanderweg Brussels
  5. Ende von Wanderweg Membre-sur-Semois
  6. Traildino Schwierigkeit EW, Leichte Wanderung, Naturwanderweg

GR126 - Brussel-Namen-Membre sur Samois

Brussels - Namur - Membre-sur-Semois, 224 km

This path starts in the centre of Europe and heads southeast, in the direction of the other centre of Europe, but it ends at the River Semois in the Ardennes.

The GR126 can be used by pilgrims heading for Santiago de Compostela. It connects the Via Brabantica to the Via Monastica, two major trails in Belgium.

Visit Traildino's overview page for the Way of Saint James / Camino de Santiago.

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GR 126
.GR 126 Bruxelles - Membre-sur-Semois, 221km
.GR 126 Brussels - Brussegem, 18km
.GR 126 Brussegem - Mariekerke, 29km


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