Táin Way


  1. Name Táin Way
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 40 km, 25 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 2 Tage
  4. Anfang von Wanderweg Carlingford
  5. Ende von Wanderweg Carlingford
  6. Traildino Schwierigkeit MW, Mittelschwere Wanderung mit Rucksack
  7. Schwierigkeitsgrad Berg- und Alpinwanderung T1, Wandern

Tain Way

Táin Way, Carlingford - Carlingford, 40 km, 2 days

This path is situated at Irelands West coast, in county Lough, from where it is only a small distance to Ulster. The path describes a circle on the Cooley Peninsula. It climbs the steep and open mountains and you will have great views on clear days. The lower slopes consist of grazing land, and with the small forests and the many hedges, it is a friendly contrast to the mountain ridges. The medieval character of Carlingford, the start and end of the path, is preserved.

Accommodation is no problem; the peninsula is quite populated.

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Táin Way, 41km


United Kingdom
  • Tain Way Map/Guide
  • The Táin Way, a 41-km (25 miles) circular tour of the Cooley peninsula in County Louth, presented in a map/guide from EastWest Mapping, with a route map at 1:50,000, mapping for additional local tours, plus descriptions of places of interest, etc.The route is highlighted on a detailed map at 1:50,000 with contours at 20m intervals and altitude... Read more
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