Oslomarka differs from other hiking areas in Norway. These woods lie around Oslo, and the citizens of Norways capital can easily reach them for day recreation. Many trails and country roads cross this area. So, if you happen to be in Oslo for a short while, you can still have some fresh air, combining public transport with a pair of good boots.


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  • Wandelkaart 2718 Turkart Oslomarka | Nordeca
  • Gebied: Akershus, Ask, Asker, Askim, Buskerud, Drammen, Drøbak; Fetsund, Flateby, Gardermoen, Grua, Hakadal, Hallingby, Harestua, Hof, Hurum, Hønefoss; Jessheim, Jevnaker, Kløfta; Kolbotn, Lierbyen, Lillestrøm; Lørenskog stasjon, Maura, Nannestad, Nesoddtangen, Nittedal, Nordmarka, Oslo, Ringerike, Roa, Romerike, Rotnes, Råholt; Røyken; Sande,... Read more
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  • Oslomarka Nordeca 2718
  • Oslomarka area in Norway in a series of GPS compatible recreational Turkart maps at 1:100,000 with cartography from Norway’s topographic survey and additional tourist information. Contours lines are drawn at 20m intervals. The overprint varies from title to title, but includes local footpaths, in some cases distinguishing between easy and more... Read more
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