Here we hit on the eastern border of the Alps: the Gleinalpe, just West of the city of Graz. Nowhere these mountains surpass the 2.000 m boundary. It's a popular area for hiking though, especially for daytrips. As you can see, the E6, Nord-Süd-Weg and Zentralalpenweg cross the area. Huts are not very frequent however. In this open landscape of rolling meadows and forests, you might be lucky to stumble upon some Lipizann horses, the famous white ones.


Map Gleinalpe

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  • Gleinalpe - Lippizanerheimat - Leoben - Voitsberg
  • Map No. WK132, Gleinalpe - Lippizanerheimat - Leoben - Voitsberg, in a series of outdoor leisure maps from Freytag & Berndt with hiking and cycling routes, plus other tourist information including GPS waypoints, huts and refuges, local bus stops, etc. The maps have contours at 100-metre intervals in the mountainous areas (50 metres elsewhere),... Read more
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