Ceuta, Monte Hacho

As a Spanish enclave on the mediterranean coast of North Africa, opposite Gibraltar, Ceuta is only about 28 square km. You can hike up its only hill, Monte Hacho (204 m).



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  • Spain Administrative Wall Map
  • Administrative provinces of Spain shown in bright colours on a wall map at 1:2,250,000, size 70 x 50cm (27.5” x 20” approx), from IGN/CNIG - the country’s civilian survey organization, plus a panel of regional flags. Each province is presented in a different colour and the map also shows boundaries and names of administrative regions. Town... Read more
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  • Ceuta and Melilla CNIG Topo 1110-1111
  • Topographic coverage of mainland Spain at 1:50,000 in the MTN50 (Mapa Topográfico Nacional) series from the Centro Nacional de Información Geografica, the country’s civilian survey organization. The maps have contours at 20m intervals, enhanced by relief shading, plus colouring and/or graphics to show different types of terrain, vegetation or... Read more
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