Located on the Mediterranean in the far north of Africa, Tunisia is a relatively small country with a very diverse landscape. The north is the most mountainous, harbouring the most most eastern reaches of the Atlas Mountains, the south is mostly desert. The coastal plains are are a fertile olive growing area. Highest mountain is Jebel ech Chambi (1544 m) in the northwest of the country.

Tunisia counts a number of national parks with hiking possibilities. Try Ichkeul National Park around the exceptional Ichkeul Lake, the mountainous Boukornine National Park, the forested Khroumirie mountains around Aïn Draham and in El Feidja National Park, or the desert of the large Jebil National Park and the Grand Erg in the south. There are also some interesting smaller mountain areas like Zaghouan, Ressas and the peculiar Jugurtha mountain. Finally there is some interesting hiking along the Mediterranean coast in the north.

Trekking in the northern mountains is best during the summer months of June, July and August. Best time for hiking in other parts of Tunisia are the relatively cool months of April, October and November.




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