Afghanistan is surrounded by land on all sides, and a relatively arid and mountainous country, with plains only in the south and northwest. The country is dominated by the mighty Hindu Kush mountain range, which rises up towards the center and the northeast, where it meets the Pamir mountain range. Highest point is Mount Noshaq (7492 m) in the northeast, on the border with Pakistan.

Afghanistan's climate is of a harsh continental kind, scorching hot on the plains in summer, fiercely cold up in the mountains in winter.

At this moment Afghanistan is not a popular hiking destination, for obvious reasons. Yet, in more peaceful times, beautiful and remote mountains and valleys are just waiting to be explored in the Hindu Kush and Pamir ranges. Take for instance the northern province of Badakshan, and the Wakhan Corridor reaching out in the far northeast along the ancient Silk Route, touching on China. Take a look at the excellent website (see under facts) and dream away. But don't be mistaken: hiking here is for the hardy and experienced only.




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