Mount Bazarduzu


  1. Höhe 4466.00 m


Bewertung 9.0 | 1 Bewertung(en) | Nr. 1 in Aserbaidschan
  • Sputnik September 2015
  • Bewertung 9
  • Positiv Great nature and interessting people in the Caucasus of Azerbaijan. At this area are until no tourist because you need a lot of permits.
  • Negativ It's only alowed hiking Bazardüzü with a guide.
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  • Bazardüzü - South ridge

  • Sputnik September 2015
  • The starting point is the flood plain of the river Yatuxdərə at 2800m. You can drive to this place from Laza or Xınalıq with a 4x4 car over adventurous. About 5 minutes up the valley there is a small grassy area where you can stay (camp 1). Then y...
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SputnikSeptember 2015

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