Stevns Klint Stien


  1. Name Stevns Klint Stien
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 22 km, 14 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 1 Tage
  4. Anfang von Wanderweg Rødvig
  5. Ende von Wanderweg Bøgeskov
  6. Traildino Schwierigkeit EW, Leichte Wanderung, Naturwanderweg

Stevns Klint Path

Rødvig - Bøgeskov, 22 km

Stevns Klint or Stevens Cliff, is a 22 km long stretch of coastal chalk cliff on the east coast of the island of Sjælland, near Copenhagen. The path is a continuation of the Sjællandsleden that ends in Rødvig.

The steep white cliffs are a spectacular sight and national attraction. A visitors center has been established on top of the highest cliffs. And along the trail one can visit the old church of Højerup and the lighthouse on Stevns Klint.

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Stevns Klintstien, 20km


Stevns Klint Path


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