Bodensee Rundweg


  1. Name Bodensee Rundweg
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 260 km, 162 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 13 Tage
  4. Traildino Schwierigkeit LW, einfache Wanderung, ländlicher Spaziergang

Bodensee Rundweg

Trail around the Bodensee, Lake Constance, 260 km

Lake Constance – Bodensee - is a large lake on the border of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Actually, there are two lakes, connected by the Rhine. The Bodensee Rundweg encircles the whole. On the flat track, we walk through villages and towns, vineyards, fields, nature reservers, harbors and many other attractions. The path often follows the banks, but when hitting on industrial and population agglommerations, and on protected areas, it takes a different course. The path is well marked in all three countries, and drawn on maps.

No, the Bodensee Rundweg is not the same as the cyclepath with the same name. Only occasionally the two run together.

Select some tracks
Bodensee-Rundwanderweg, 157km
.Bodensee-Rundwanderweg, 3.3km
.Bodensee-Rundwanderweg, 1.7km


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