1. Name Karl-Kaufmann-Weg (HWW2)
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 199 km, 124 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 10 Tage
  4. Anfang von Wanderweg Brühl
  5. Ende von Wanderweg Trier
  6. Traildino Schwierigkeit EW, Leichte Wanderung, Naturwanderweg


Karl-Kaufmann–Weg, Hautpwanderweg 2 Eifelverein, HWW2, Brühl – Trier, 199 km, 10 days

The Eifelverein has done a very good job in creating interesting hikes in the greater Eifel region in the West of Germany. These trails are well marked and maintained, and have a long history. This particular trail runs north-south, as many of the Main Trails (Hauptwanderwege, HWW) in the Eifel. It connects the Rhine with the Moselle. It follows the valley of the Ahr, it climbs the highest summit of the Eifel (Hohe Acht, 747 m), crosses the Vulkaneifel as well and ends in Trier, the old city on the brinks of the Moselle.

Select some tracks
Ville-Eifel-Weg, 202km
Karl-Kaufmann-Weg Alternativroute, 2.4km


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