1. Name Drenthepad (SP6)
  2. Länge von Wanderweg 324 km, 201 Meilen
  3. Länge in Tagen 16 Tage
  4. Anfang von Wanderweg Emmen
  5. Ende von Wanderweg Emmen
  6. Traildino Schwierigkeit LW, einfache Wanderung, ländlicher Spaziergang


SP6, Drenthepad, Circular walk in the province of Drenthe, 324 km

The Drenthepad is an effort to explore the past. The province of Drenthe is traditionally a remote area. In the old Republic, this far corner of the country served as peat mining district and dumping ground for thugs and thieves. Even into the 20th century, Drenthe had an infamous penal colony, aimed at "educating" anti-social types. Nowadays, the peat shovelling in Drenthe is regarded as the most shameful period of poverty the Netherlands has ever known.

Today, Drenthe is a quiet and green province, popular with walkers and cyclists. Nature is relatively abundant: forests and bogs. These bogs are quite special, since they are the leftovers of the Golden Age peat that found its way to the stoves of Amsterdam. These bogs are rich in plant and animal species. Also many heathlands and sand dunes still remain. Even a string of hills is not lacking, the Hondsrug, a remnant of the glaciers from the last ice age.

For the historically interested walkers, Drenthe is a goldmine. The history of the peat shovelling, the emergence of new agriculture, the old agricultural practices (commons), the construction of waterways. You should keep your eyes open, because agricultural modernisation has left virtually nothing untouched.

The Drenthepad is a long trail that traverses the entire province forming a big "A". It is a wonderfully varied path. There is again much silliness to admire, this disheartening dull tidiness the Dutch themselves are proud of. The pint-size villages, wimpy houses, and those drab suburbs: it's all going to be very enjoyable. (HN)

Select some tracks
.Drenthepad Etappe 01, 20km
.Drenthepad Etappe 02, 17km
.Drenthepad Etappe 03, 14km
.Drenthepad Etappe 04, 22km
.Drenthepad Etappe 05, 15km
.Drenthepad Etappe 06, 21km
.Drenthepad Etappe 07, 25km
.Drenthepad Etappe 08, 20km
.Drenthepad Etappe 09, 15km
.Drenthepad Deel 01, 32km
.Drenthepad Deel 02, 20km
.Drenthepad Deel 03, 21km
.Drenthepad Deel 04, 15km
.Drenthepad Deel 05, 36km
.Drenthepad Deel 06, 16km
.Drenthepad Deel 07, 34km
.Drenthepad Deel 08, 57km
.Drenthepad Deel 09, 33km
.Drenthepad Deel 10, 63km


Bewertung 7.0 | 1 Bewertung(en) | Nr. 19 in Niederlande
  • Henk Nouws Februar 2011
  • Bewertung 7
  • Positiv The moorlands are very special.
  • Negativ The farmland is very dull, barren and sterile.
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Drenthepad SP6


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